People of Earth - Promos

Client: TBS

Agency: Stun Creative

Join the alien abduction support group alongside the cast of People of Earth.

The Supersphere team were light on their feet and worked effortlessly with the us to deliver something that remains one of the more popular online VR experiences”
Jared Christensen, Head of Production, Stun Creative

Our team worked to cleverly promote Season 1 of this comedy series using VR and 360 storytelling. Ahead of the series premiere, we introduced the show to fans via YouTube 360 video “Alien Abduction Support Group,” giving potential viewers a unique way to step inside one of the show’s typical support group sessions and meet the characters. The script was improv-heavy, so working with the show’s regular crew, Supersphere advised on blocking, lighting, and camera placement to ensure the best result. We were able to leverage content from the same shoot to create a second 360° video, “How To Catch a Reptilian,” which was released on YouTube 360 toward the end of Season 1.

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