Supersphere is an immersive content and technology company, focused on building stronger bonds between audiences and the content they love. We bring decades of “concept through delivery” experience and expertise to our work, from mono 360º video, to multi-stage immersive live streaming, to interactive VR/AR apps.

Our clients span the worlds of entertainment, gaming, advertising, music, and sports.

  • “Geniuses”

    Tony Kaye, Director
  • “Like me these guys are passionate about telling stories and in this case we were able to share the experiences of world class athletes with people in the most immersive of mediums 360 Virtual Reality”

    Corey Rich
  • “The Supersphere team were light on their feet and worked effortlessly with the us to deliver something that remains one of the more popular online VR experiences”

    Jared Christensen, Head of Production, Stun Creative
  • “The assignment was daunting and the challenge immense to say the least. Supersphere over came huge obstacles on this one and pushed the bar to new highs. The rig was seamless, the methodology perfect”

    Jeff Cronenweth, Cinematographer
  • “I couldn’t have asked for a better technical team to handle our ‘Timeless VR’ project. Working with Supersphere was a pleasure and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so”

    John Canning, VP of Interactive Experiences, NBCUniversal

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